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Now is the Time

History will judge each of us for how we rise to meet the many challenges facing our city, but our ideas, dreams and plans are big enough to save Urbana and secure a much brighter future if we all come together to ensure victory on November 5th.

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Urbana Wins Town Hall

6 pm | Thursday, October 10 at the Wing Bar in Urbana

You're invited to learn more about the Urbana Wins team and their plans to eliminate $500,000 in government waste, improve communication with citizens, upgrade & repair infrastructure and our plans for the arts, parks & entertainment. This is your chance to help shape the future of our community.

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Cassie Cress for City Council

The people of Urbana deserve to win! Cassie is running for City Council to create a career and mentorship program to help kids find great jobs in Urbana. She also wants to work with Justin T. Weller to raise wages for all workers and reduce unnecessary business regulations.

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videosJustin T Weller
Justin T. Weller for Mayor

The people of Urbana deserve to win! Justin is running for Mayor of Urbana to raise the minimum wage and to reduce unnecessary business regulations. He also plans to create a career placement program to help kids find great jobs in our community. Please share this video with your friends!

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