Now is the Time

Sticking with our current leadership and the status quo is the biggest threat to our future. We cannot wait any longer to mobilize. It’s critical that we add to the momentum that supporters like you have brought to the Urbana Wins Team. Now is the time!

We’re entering the final stage of our campaign. We must grow our number of supporters and we must raise more by this Friday in order to make sure we have what’s needed to win.

Whether you give $10, $50, $500 or more, every dollar counts and helps us buy door hangers, fliers, advertising and other necessary tools to win on November 5th.

History will judge each of us for how we rise to meet the many challenges facing our city, but our ideas, dreams and plans are big enough to save Urbana and secure a much brighter future if we all come together to ensure victory on November 5th.