Weller Responds to Bean's Comment on Wages

Mayor Bean says wages aren't a problem in Urbana. However, according to the United States Census Bureau, about 1 in 5 (around 2,250 people) in Urbana are living in poverty.

With a little more than a 20% poverty rate in our city and the lowest median household income, we are worse off than Bellefontaine, London, Marysville, Mechanicsburg, North Lewisburg, Piqua, St. Paris, Troy, and West Liberty. Mayor Bean wants to “Keep Urbana Moving.” Yet, since 2010, under his administration, the population of Urbana has actually declined. By contrast, the vast majority of these other towns have experienced an increase in population. Our team wants Urbana to quit losing to ALL of our neighbors and start winning. A new generation of Urbana leadership is needed.

Our plan calls for incentivizing businesses to raise wages by providing a write-off on local taxes. We firmly believe in protecting the great businesses in our community and attracting even more workers to the area, but it’s hard to make a strong case for quality of life and business in Urbana when nine of our neighboring communities all have a lower poverty rate and a higher median household income.

Is a change in leadership needed? The data says yes. Get more details at UrbanaWins.com