Justin T. Weller

Justin grew up in Urbana on his family's farm. He is a graduate of Urbana High School, attended Xavier University before pursuing his own business (TrueChat) full time, and is proud to be a Weller.

He started his first business, a cattle company, in high school and has been constantly thinking up new projects ever since. Justin has spent more than eight years in business sales and marketing at Maple Lane, as a consultant for Columbia Gas of Ohio, and through his several businesses.

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The culture surrounding politics and the media's influence in American society have always fascinated Justin. This passion developed over the course of several years after he realized his love of public speaking during his time in FFA.

Many of you may remember TrueChat Radio broadcasting Urbana High School basketball games and other activities several years ago. What you may not know is that Justin and Camden Pierce continued to pursue TrueChat in college. Today, TrueChat is a nationwide podcast company with clients like the Committee for Economic Development in Washington, D.C. They have helped various organizations create online radio programs (podcasts) to spread their message to the American electorate.

TrueChat has afforded Justin the unique opportunity to meet many great advisers with years of business and government experience. Justin has been involved with the likes of Jon Huntsman, co-chair of No Labels and former Governor of Utah, and Steve Odland, the current CEO of the Committee for Economic Development and the former CEO of both Office Depot and Auto Zone.

Justin has spent in excess of 4,000 hours studying government and politics. In addition to his education, he served the bipartisan non-profit No Labels as the State Director of Ohio. Justin also spent time as a volunteer Field Organizer for the Ohio Republican Party and as a full-time Field Organizer for the Ohio Democratic Party. His experience spans both major parties and he firmly believes that both sides have solutions that can benefit the American people. Justin and Cassie (candidate for City Council and part of the Urbana Wins team) are both currently serving on the City of Urbana’s Charter Review Committee. Justin began constructing the Urbana Wins policy platform in 2017 and has been seeking input and studying solutions to build on it ever since.

Aside from his aspirations at TrueChat and in government, Justin enjoys reading fictional literature, watching Netflix, practicing amateur photography, debating politics, spending time with his fiancé Bret, playing cards with his family, and arguing with his best friend Camden.

Why I am Running for Mayor

I wrote an article that was published in the Huffington Post called, Its Time for a New American. It led me to examine what quotes in life I have found to be the most inspiring. Why am I here, what is my purpose, how do I use my God-given talents to make the world a little bit better?

John F. Kennedy famously stated,“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

Justin T. Weller, right, on a broadcast with Camden Pierce, on left, at TrueChat.

Justin T. Weller, right, on a broadcast with Camden Pierce, on left, at TrueChat.

For better or for worse, I tend to believe it’s the former, I have always seemed to prefer the road less traveled. I don't always succeed at everything I set out to do, but I will always work hard and believe in myself. This drive is what led Urbana Football to go 10-0 my senior year and allowed me to start a successful cattle company when I was 14, when everyone told me I was too young. It’s the same drive that motivated me to keep plugging away at TrueChat, even when everyone said it couldn't be done. Perseverance is a skill we develop over a life time. My Grandpa (Wendell Weller) and my father (Tim Weller) taught me we must always keep going.

"Yes, we will have our differences, but let us always remember what unites us far outweighs whatever divides us." I have watched President Ronald Regan's 1988 State of the Union address countless times. It truly never gets old and that's probably because both of my Grandmas and my mother (Staci Weller) have taught me that kindness and decency can never be overused. In fact, respect for those I disagree with was a founding motivation for TrueChat who's mission is to educate people by providing honest, open, and respectful conversations.

I look forward to learning more about the struggles and joys of everyone I meet and I have experience on both ends of the spectrum. From playing football for Urbana High School and knowing what discrimination feels like, to the skyscrapers of Fort Lauderdale and Cincinnati, I really have seen a lot in a short amount of time.

I am running for Mayor because I believe small towns are an essential part of the American dream and I know that I can help improve my hometown of Urbana and secure it for generations to come. I have won for Urbana High School, for my family, and for my own businesses. Now, I want to win for you.

Its Time for Urbana to Win Again!

- Justin T. Weller, candidate for Mayor of the City of Urbana