A Strategic Vision

Urbana’s roads, curbs, sidewalks, and bridges are crumbling. Often, when these pieces of infrastructure are in disrepair they are the first thing visitors notice about our city. Not only does poor infrastructure reflect badly on Urbana, but it can pose serious safety risks to our citizens. The Urbana Wins team is committed to upgrading and repairing our worn out infrastructure.


  • Council and the mayor’s handling of the curb and gutter situation is a perfect example of why new leadership is needed. Most citizens we’ve spoken with were unaware that the responsibility of maintaining their curbs had been shifted to them from the city.

    • This is yet another example of poor communications by the current leadership. You can learn how our team would handle communications here.

    • Urbana Wins asked citizens how they would like for the city to handle the curb issue and the vast majority said that the city should fully handle it. When we pointed out that the city could not afford to completely cover the cost without raising taxes, most citizens were in favor of 50/50 solution. In other words, the city would handle selecting and scheduling contractors so the homeowner would not be burdened with it and the cost of replacing the curb and gutters would be split between the government and the property owner. This is a much more sensible solution than simply sending certified letters to homeowners informing them, without adequate notice, that they must spend upwards of $6,000 to replace their curbs.

  • Repaving and improving our roads is critical. The Urbana Wins team is committed to repaving every road in the city that requires replacement by 2030. This is a shorter time frame than the current administration because we believe the people of Urbana shouldn’t be asked to wait for better and safer infrastructure.


  • Thousands of cars pass through Monument Square every day. They cause traffic jams, endanger pedestrians, and wear down our historic downtown. For those passing through, a small bypass of downtown is needed. While previous attempts at a 68 bypass failed, we believe a smaller bypass that respects the surrounding area is possible.

  • Parking in downtown is inconvenient and often difficult for more than a few cars at a time. Our team wants to improve parking to make shopping and spending time in downtown easier for residents and visitors.

    • Build a parking garage with easy, walkable access to downtown.

    • Improve signage for existing lots and ensure adequate lighting for security.

  • Few communities our size have a municipal airport at all, let alone one of our size and quality. For years, Grimes Airport has been underutilized and underappreciated by the city government. We’ve spoken with key players at the airport and they sight several things that must be addressed.

    • Extend the runway to allow for larger planes, including small airlines

    • Establish a small commuter-grade terminal

    • Replace or refurbish the existing cafe and pilots lounge

    • Extend the bike path to allow for safe access to the airport

    These improvements would make our airport a sight to behold and provide our citizens with unique opportunities not typically found in communities our size. Additionally, these improvements would encourage the expansion of existing businesses and open the door to new commerce opportunities.

More Information

If you’d like to shape the future of our community, we are happy to meet with citizens one on one. To setup a meeting, you can contact us.