The Arts - PArks - Entertainment

Our city has a rich history and many great values. Sadly, like many small towns, we are being left behind by bigger cities and bigger money. The good news? It doesn't have to be that way. We are the heartland of America, and we can innovate, educate, and leave a better community for the next generation.


Our Plan for Improvement

  • Improve our city parks to make them more beautiful and enjoyable for all residents. Some ideas for improving the city parks include:

    • Splash pad, a new/renovated pool

    • A “pollinators highway” for the beautification of the parks. These feature numerous wild flowers and can be paid for through the USDA at not cost to the city. This has the opportunity to beautify numerous areas in our city and reduce the cost of mowing.

    • Fitness trails and workout areas

    • Better utilization and expansion of the bike trail to include easy access to Grimes Municipal Airport

  • Encourage the development of the arts by working with local non-profits to promote their projects and events. Our team also plans to establish local grants and use a blind application process to ensure fair and unbiased distribution of funding. We would also work hard to connect local arts organizations with our new Youth Center.

  • Establish a Youth Center to provide a safe space for kids of all ages to hangout, get homework assistance, find mentors, engage with community organizations, improve civic engagement, and foster volunteer opportunities.

  • Cultivate entertainment programs and organizations so that we may all enjoy our city even more. Our team is currently looking into the following ideas:

    • Trampoline park

    • An indoor playground and sports complex

    • New batting cages

    • Driving range

  • Connect the city, businesses, churches, faith-based organizations, the schools, and the university to pool our resources and create a more desirable community. Link these entities to the Youth Center to make certain that we are planning for our city’s future by investing in today’s youth.

Ultimately, we want to foster an environment that works for all the citizens of Urbana (regardless of income, sex, race, orientation, religion, or social status) and attracts new people to our quaint small town. 


Our team is committed to listening to the citizens of Urbana and getting input on our plan. If you’d like to shape the future of our community, we are happy to meet with citizens one on one. To setup a meeting, you can contact us.