Keeping People Informed

In 2018, TrueChat Inc. conducted a communications survey for Urbana. The results were presented to the City Council who chose not to act despite a clear consensus from citizens. This is one of the many reasons that new leadership is needed and the Urbana Wins team will provide it.

The Urbana Wins team is committed to improving communications. Justin T. Weller, candidate for Mayor, is the President and CEO of a media technology and communications organization. We understand that our city government has a responsibility to keep people informed.


Survey Key Findings

These are the highlights from the survey results. If you’re interested in a full copy of the survey findings, feel free to contact us and we will email you the PDF.


Survey Conclusions

This survey establishes the explicit demand of the citizens for better communication. People feel they do not understand the issues or what their government is doing.

The citizens of Urbana overwhelmingly support funding this program by adding a mere $0.50 communication utility to their monthly bill. There is no reason to delay passage of the appropriate legislation. It’s time to get this done. We believe that with better communication, a more prosperous future is on the horizon for our city.

The solution

The city government needs to communicate through multiple sources to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to be involved. Some of the methods the Urbana Wins team and Justin T. Weller’s administration will utilize include:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

    • These sources are free to use and great for providing quick updates.

    • Helps increase participation, especially with younger generations.

    • The administration will post no less than once per week.

  • Newspapers & Radio

    • Regular press releases to facilitate effective communication.

    • We make sure to give the Urbana Daily Citizen and the Springfield News Sun advance notice of important announcements and events as much as possible. That way, our great newspapers can cover stories when they happen and with all the details they need.

  • Podcasts & Videos

    • A weekly, 20 minute round table discussion with one or two city officials. These episodes will provide a simple and direct understanding of what your government is currently doing and how it impacts you.

    • Videos to communicate upcoming events and to make announcements.

  • Website & Automation

    • The City of Urbana’s website is out-of-date, difficult to use, and does not provide easy access to critical information. Despite the recent remodel of the website, it is still clunky and lacks many essential features.

    • Justin’s administration will completely redesign the city’s website to make it user friendly, modern, and informative.

    • The administration will also work to automate common tasks like filling taxes, paying utility bills, applying for business licenses, and more. This will save the government money and save our citizens’ time.

  • Citizen feedback is crucial and our team will make sure it is easy to communicate with the government through our website, social media, by phone, and in person. We work for you! If you want to speak with us, contact us here.



Our team is committed to listening to the citizens of Urbana and getting input on our plan. If you’d like to shape the future of our community, we are happy to meet with citizens one on one. To setup a meeting, you can contact us.