Better for the Next Generation

Whether its for college, a job, or the military, our youth often say goodbye to Urbana and, in doing so, take their bright and innovative minds with them. Its time to secure Urbana for the Next Generation.

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It takes a community to raise a child. The Urbana Wins team believes that to foster productive citizens for the future of Urbana, we need to help our youth as much as we can. We want to expand mentorship programs that already exist and create new initiatives that address the growing needs of our children. 

  • Establish a career placement program in coordination with local primary schools, Urbana University, and local businesses to select, train, and place our youth into good careers

    • This program would include a continuing education initiative to help current workers acquire new skills as needed and navigate the changing landscape of employment

  • Appoint a Director of Career Development & Education to foster new opportunities for youth

    • Administer the career placement program

    • Oversee the mentorship initiative

    • Facilitate a deeper integration between local education programs and businesses

    • Work with Champaign Economic Partnership to ensure great opportunities are available for the people of Urbana

  • Encourage new forms of youth engagement through podcasts, volunteer work, and youth based activities

Ultimately, our vision is to bring together businesses, churches, faith-based programs, the city, and the schools to create a Community Center for Youth, a place where kids can go after school and during the summer to enrich their lives.

Perhaps instead of turning to negative influences, we can help the children of Urbana have positive experiences to improve their academic, physical, and mental health. We can all play a role in helping the youth of our community become well-rounded, successful citizens.