Increasing wages impacts businesses. Justin T. Weller (candidate for Mayor) is a small business owner and the Urbana Wins team believes in supporting businesses by incentivizing and keeping great workers here at home. To offset the effects of increased wages, businesses will be able to write off the cost on their local taxes. This means businesses will be able to afford to increase wages.

Small towns are the foundation of the American economy, but a nationwide labor shortage is looming and will hit small towns like Urbana the hardest. The Urbana Wins team is prepared to help businesses thrive.

  • Incentives for small businesses to come and stay in Urbana

    • Tax breaks for new and growing businesses

    • Free and low-cost community resources to help businesses navigate regulations and find affordable local services to fill their needs

  • Create dependable jobs through mid and large size industries

  • Help business find & retain workers

    • Competitive wages will allow businesses to attract quality employees

    • Career placement program to help businesses find the right workers by communicating each businesses’ needs and matching them with local job seekers who have those skills

Reducing Red Tape for Business


The Urbana Wins team has met with many local businesses (big and small). Those businesses have explained their struggle to navigate bureaucratic red tape and how they feel regulations are not consistently or equally enforced. Some say the government shows favoritism and provides preference to certain individuals while ignoring others. The Urbana Wins team will:

  • Streamline regulations and hold everyone to a fair and equal standard.

  • Urbana’s book of ordinances (laws) is nearly a foot thick and more than 2,000 pages. That’s because no administration or city council has done the tough work of cleaning up this unwieldy set of laws dating back decades. The Urbana Wins team will work through every page & clean up the red tape hindering our businesses.

  • Appoint a Business Coordinator to serve as a single point of contact for businesses who need help with permits, licensing, taxes, and more. Your government should facilitate business not hinder it.

Want more details on how the Urbana Wins team will handle raising wages and support business? We’ve got them here.